Special Segment at TITANIUM EUROPE 2017 Will Reflect on 66 Years of German Titanium Production
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Amsterdam Speaker Highlights
Werner Beck, FormTech GmbH
Dr. Olaf Böhme, POLIGRAT GmbH
Bertrand Flipo, TWI Ltd
Thomas Christiansen, Tech Univ of Denmark
A.V. Alexandrov, CSRL
Rob Haun, Retech Systems LLC
Dr. P.E. Markovsky, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Dietmar Fischer
A unique opportunity to look back in time, 1949 when large parts of Germany still lie in ruins, when a small group of engineers and technicians set to work in Essen on a material unfamiliar to most people: titanium, the new miracle metal from the USA, which is ideally suited for constructing airplanes and chemical plants.
Special Segment at TITANIUM EUROPE 2017 Will Reflect on 66 Years of German Titanium Production
Members of the manufacturing technologies speaker panel will include Werner Beck of FormTech GmbH, Dr. Olaf Böhme of POLIGRAT GmbH, Bertrand Flipo of TWI Ltd., and Thomas Christiansen, Tech University of Denmark. The titanium remelting panel is composed of A.V. Alexandrov of the Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL), Rob Haun of Retech Systems LLC, and Dr. P.E. Markovsky, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In addition to these panels, Dietmar Fischer, appearing at the conference as a special guest speaker, will review his long career in the German titanium industry, in a presentation titled “Looking back at 66 Years of Titanium Production in Germany.” Born in 1942, Fischer launched his career at Contimet and, following its merger with the titanium division of Krupp, continued at Deutsche Titan GmbH. He became head of ThyssenKrupp’s titanium technical division, and today serves a technical/scientific management consultant in Geldern.

For the manufacturing technology panel, Flipo will address the topic of linear friction welding. He has extensive experience in this technology, particularly in its application for the aerospace industry. As such, he will review linear friction welding innovation strategies, process development, machine design, new products, production and manufacturing improvements, quality monitoring, and product life cycle. Separately, Christiansen will discuss his many years of research on the thermochemical surface treatment of metallic materials. The focus of his work has been on low-temperature surface hardening of stainless steel and other industrial materials. He is a senior scientist at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, Materials and Surface Engineering.

On the remelting panel, Alexandrov will share his insights as a leading research engineer at CSRL, where he’s engaged in a host of industrial fabrication processes. He is a co-author of 21 patents in the field of metallurgy of zirconium, niobium, hafnium and titanium and their alloys. Haun, as Retech’s director of new product development, leads a variety of research and development programs and is responsible for product-development management. Prior to working at Retech, he spent four years as a titanium research engineer for Crucible Research in Pittsburgh, USA. He was responsible for titanium powder production and the successful development of a cold-wall induction nozzle.

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