TITANIUM EUROPE Conference Reviews Powder Metal, Casting, and Additive Technologies
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Amsterdam Speaker Highlights
Thomas Weissgaerber PhD, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Advanced Materials, Branch Lab
Kenji Doi, Osaka Yakin Kogyo Co. Ltd.
Rémy Pontone, Tekna
Andrew Heidloff, Praxair Surface Technologies
Rüdiger Tiefers, Access e.V.
Aleksei Kochetkov, FSUE ‘VIAM’
Sergejs Spitans, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
Pedrum Sodouri, Norsk Titanium
Marko Bosman, Fokker-GKN Aerospace
Filomeno Martina, Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre
TITANIUM EUROPE Conference Reviews Powder Metal, Casting, and Additive Technologies
International Titanium Association (ITA), Denver, Colorado USA, will host the fifth annual TITANIUM EUROPE 2017 conference and exhibition on May 17-19 at the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The gathering, a platform to gain insights into the European titanium industry, will serve as a premier networking venue for business executives.

Industry executives and business analysts will provide outlooks on titanium world supply and demand, illuminate developments on the ever-lengthening global supply chain, offer forecasts on near-term business trends, and report on the dynamics of new industrial markets and innovative products. Last year's event was held in Paris and drew 400 attendees.

Speakers for the 2017 powder metal session include Thomas Weissgaerber Ph.D., Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM; Kenji Doi of Osaka Yakin Kogyo Co. Ltd.; Rémy Pontone of Tekna, and Andrew Heidloff, Ph.D. of Praxair Surface Technologies. Weissgaerber will review powder-based additive manufacturing for titanium parts, examining the critical factors for potential widespread industrial applications. Doi will describe how Osaka Yakin Kogyou, since the early 1990s has optimized the metal injection molding (MIM) process technology used to create titanium alloy parts. Pontone will examine "the Mass Production of Titanium-Based Powders by Induction Plasma Spheroidization and/or Atomization." Dr. Heidloff is Currently the Engineering Manager for the Powder Manufacturing Facility for Praxair Surface Technologies.

For the casting speaker session, Sergejs Spitans, a process engineer in the research and development department of ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, will discuss a "New Method for Large-Scale Levitation Melting and Casting of Titanium Alloys." Rüdiger Tiefers will address "Optimization of Multidisciplinary Design Process Gamma-TiAl Low-Pressure Turbine Blades." Tiefers is the head of casting processes at Access e.V. research institute, Aachen, Germany. Aleksei Kochetkov will present a paper on "Centrifugal Casting Parameters on Shaped Castings Quality of New High-Temperature Gamma-TiAl Alloys." Kochetkov is research group leader of the titanium alloys department at All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM).

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, based in Hanau, Germany, is the sponsor of the powder metal and casting speaker panels.

The additive manufacturing speaker panel will feature Pedrum Sodouri of Norsk Titanium AS, Hønefoss, Norway; Marko Bosman, the chief technologies of additive manufacturing at Fokker GKN Aerospace, Amsterdam; and Filomeno Martina of Cranfield University, UK. Bosman's talk, "Titanium from Powder to Part," will offer an overview of the global supply chain of additive manufactured aerospace components. The presentation will cover the powder manufacturing, part design and additive manufacturing technologies used to build aerospace parts. Martina will discuss "Static and Fatigue Properties of Ti-6Al-4V Deposited by the WAAM Process in Both the Unrolled and Rolled Conditions." Martina, a lecturer at Cranfield University's Welding Engineering and Laser Processing Centre, is involved in the development of Wire plus Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) technology. He manages a consortium that funds a large research program for the industrial implementation of the WAAM process. Sodouri will present "Norsk Titanium's RPD™ Additive Manufacturing Focus on Quality" which will provide an overview of the additive manufacturing process for manufacturing titanium components that delivers consistent material properties suitable for aerospace applications.

It's not too late to register for TITANIUM EUROPE 2017. Contact ITA at 1-303-404-2221 or visit the website (www.titaniumeurope.org). Dr. Markus Holz, president, AMG's Engineering Systems Division and CEO, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH is the Conference Chair; Henry Seiner, vice president of business strategy at TIMET, is the president of the ITA board, while Jennifer Simpson serves as executive director.
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