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Women In Titanium
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Women in Titanium News
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Message from WiT Executive Committee Member

Summary of Make Linked In Work for You Webinar

Diversity in the News

Overview of Austin WiT Event Hosted by Arconic

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WiT Executive Committee

Our Special Gift To You!
Jill Adkins
WiT Executive Committee Member

Medical Products Manager

Metalwerks PMD, Inc.

Thanks for your continued interest in WiT!
Well, WiT is off to a great start in 2017. We hosted our first webinar teleclass, continuing education programming and networking reception and finished off this quarter with an industry related tour of the Arconic 3D Printing Plant in Austin!

Thanks to everyone who participated and for the great feedback we are receiving on the WiT programming.

The next quarter of the year will be dedicated to events in Europe including a networking reception in Amsterdam, at the Paris Air Show, and this September in Italy - please be sure to check the website for upcoming dates and registration.

This October, in conjunction with the annual TITANIUM Conference in Miami, WiT will be hosting a Professional Development Day which will have even more emphasis on networking, teambuilding and bringing in our male counterparts to join us for the day. Special guest speakers will be announced in the coming weeks and I hope many of you will arrive a day early to take advantage of the programming we have designed especially with you in mind.

Interested in receiving more information about WiT programming? Please complete this interest form to get you added to the distribution list and always know we are interested in hearing from you!
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Summary of Make Linked In Work for You Webinar
On March 8, Amanda Healy hosted Women in Titanium's first teleclass: Make LinkedIn Work for You. Healy, a marketing professional and well-known public speaker, focused on various ways participants could improve their LinkedIn profiles. During the hour-long session, she provided tips and tricks users could adjust immediately to make their profiles better. "Your personal brand is who you are in a nutshell," Healy said. "It's not only who we are, but who we aim to be. LinkedIn is a phenomenal tool to build that personal brand."

She noted that many, if not most, people are going to Google search a person before they meet them, which means that LinkedIn is a great way to showcase a personal brand.

According to Healy, the ultimate goal is to drive as much traffic to your profile as possible. The more traffic you are driving to your page, the more potential you have to convert those views into opportunities. Healy shared several aspects on the page that participants could adjust or edit in order to draw more attention to their profile:

1. "Think of yourself as a product," Healy advised. "The first thing you see is the wrapper." She urged participants to get a profile picture. "That's your ‘logo,'" she said. "It's one of the most important aspects of your profile. If you don't have a profile picture, you need to get one. No excuses." Healy said the only thing worse than a bad photo is not having one at all. "I immediately don't trust you if you don't have a profile picture," she said. She recommended a professional photo with a light or simple background taken in natural light. She asked the audience to think about which attributes they wanted to convey, and go with a photo that would showcase those attributes.

2. Her next piece of advice was to get a cover photo. A cover photo is another visual aid that can tie back to your personal brand. "It's an immediate way to stand out," Healy said. The newest version of LinkedIn allows cover photos for everyone, including people with free accounts. According to Healy, you can even use a cover photo that relates to your company or the type of work you do.

3. A person's headline will default to their current title. But according to Healy, no one should keep their most recent job title there. "No one is as simple as current job title," she said. "Many of us do different jobs, or volunteer somewhere." She asked participants to think of four different headlines - they could be completely different or similar. "Test them over the course of the next four weeks," Healy advised. Then, check out the number of profile views each week. Have they gone up or down? "It's not perfect, but it's a good benchmark to see what is resonating with your audience," she said. She told participants to ask questions like: What key words am I known for or would I like to be known for? What key words are important to my industry? "Once you pinpoint those words, try to incorporate them into your profile," Healy said.

4. The next step was a simple, but a no less important one - edit your public profile URL. Healy recommended using your name, if possible. "Then put it everywhere," she said. "Put it in your email signature, on your business card, in your Twitter bio. It makes it easier for people to find you and brings it back to your personal brand."

5. According to Healy, 70 percent of LinkedIn users have the same type of information written in the summary section of the profile. She urged participants to not write in third person or use all the same jargon that's on everyone else's profiles. "Here's where you break away from the LinkedIn tribe," Healy said. "The summary is to tell people why you do what you do. Tell me about things you're excited about. Tell me about what you're doing now and what you want to do in the future. You can literally break out of the pack, because this is your ability to connect with me on a human level." Even though writing a great summary takes time, Healy said not to overthink it.

6. Another useful tool is to add media to the summary page, as well as underneath previous roles. This can include (but is not limited to) YouTube videos, blog posts, white papers or links to websites that include your work, your company's work or anything related to the two.

Healy encouraged participants to reach out to her with additional questions on Twitter, @Amanda_Healy, on Linked in at and via email at

The next WiT teleclass is on Sept. 6 featuring Laurie Itkin titled, "Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment: What Every Woman Should Know." For more information on WiT programming, see the Women in Titanium events page at
Diversity In the News
Women in engineering on the rise, says latest Engineering Council report

Strength built by diversity and inclusion key to NASA mission and Huntsville's success (

These 4 Atlanta Agencies United to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Their Hometown (

Opinion: 3 ways tech companies can stop paying lip service to diversity problems (

SXSW: Is Diversity in Tech Leaving American Minorities Behind? (

19 Women Leading Math and Physics: Top women in mathematics and physics discuss how they got to where they are - and why there aren't more of them (
Overview of Austin WiT Event Hosted by Arconic
Women in Titanium hosted a Fundamentals of Titanium Metallurgy workshop and networking reception in Austin, Texas March 23-24th in conjunction with a tour of Arconic's 3D printing facility, located near Austin.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsor

Dr. Oscar Yu led the workshop during the day, before the group headed down the street to an informal networking reception at a local restaurant.

Dr. Yu recently retired as senior director of advanced innovation and technology for Alcoa, now Arconic, a global technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing leader. He has broad experiences in processing titanium alloys and nickel-based superalloys. Dr. Yu holds seven patents, and his work was published over 100 times.

Olga Eliseeva, a material sciences and engineering Ph. D candidate at Texas A&M, attended the two-day event with some of her colleagues.

"Coming from an academic background, the workshop focused on aspects I hadn't thought of beforehand," she said. "This is a good thing, because I learned things - like about safety - which I could implement in my lab."

WiT Chair Michelle Pharand, vice president - sales & marketing for Astral Air Parts LLC, and WiT Vice Chair Holly Both, vice president of marketing for Plymouth Engineered Shapes, attended the event. Pharand welcomed the group, bestowing thanks upon everyone involved in making the event a success. She touched on the main purpose of WiT: to develop a networking group of collegial women presently in the titanium industry; and to promote, attract and encourage high school and college women to enter the titanium industry.

Roxanne Warren, plant and operations manager, and Don Larsen, vice president of technology and R&D for Arconic Titanium and Engineered Products also attended the networking reception. The pair greeted everyone in attendance and thanked the International Titanium Association and WiT for hosting the event. Warren extended a warm welcome to everyone who would be in attendance at the Arconic 3D plant tour the next morning.

On the following morning, participants had an opportunity to see a manufacturing revolution in the making when they visited Arconic's facility in Austin, Texas, where they produce 3D printed nickel and titanium parts for Airbus airplanes and other aerospace and defense customers. After a brief overview of plant safety and instructions, Larsen led the group through a presentation detailing Arconic's growth, research, development and the future of the industry as related to 3D printing.

Participants took a tour of the facility's cutting-edge 3D printing technologies, which produce three-dimensional products by adding one layer of material on top of another, using metal powder, wire, plastics and an electron beam or a laser energy source. 3D printing enables production of complex parts not possible with traditional methods, at reduced costs.

Participants witnessed 3D printing and got the opportunity to see firsthand some of the components Arconic has printed, including vents manufactured for use on NASA's Orion spacecraft.

Arconic prints these vents for use on NASA's Orion spacecraft. They're tough enough to withstand the extreme speeds & temps of space travel.

"I very much enjoyed the networking and tour of Arconic 3D printing," Eliseeva said. "It's all very fascinating." "I think it was interesting seeing the real-world aspects of the titanium industry," Eliseeva said. "Being able to talk to people in the industry and communicate with people about what you're trying to do in the industry is important as a researcher, and this event was a great opportunity to sharpen and hone those skills."
Upcoming Programming
WiT Networking Reception, Amsterdam The Netherlands

WiT Networking Reception, Paris Air Show
Industry Tour of Cefival Plant, Paris, France

Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment: What Every Woman Should Know TeleClass
Fundamentals of Titanium Metallurgy Workshop & Networking Reception. Industry Tour of TiFast offered the following day.

Professional Development Day Sponsored by WiT - Miami, Florida

How to Handle Criticism like a Pro TeleClass
ITA WiT Executive Committee
Karina Graziani
Freelance Writer
International Titanium Association
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