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Women In Titanium
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Women in Titanium News and Updates

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2017 Executive Committee Members

About Women In Titanium

Professional Development Day

Teleclass: How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro

Teleclass: Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment: What Every Woman Should Know

Summaries & Photos of Previous Events

Diversity in the News

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2017 Executive Committee Members
Michelle Pharand, (WiT Chair)
Vice President Sales & Supply Chain - Astral Air Parts LLC
Holly Both, (WiT Vice Chair)
Vice President of Marketing - Plymouth Tube Co.
Jill Adkins
Infrastructure Development Manager – Perryman Company
Margaret Cosentino
Vice President, Government Affairs & Defense - Arconic
Cindy Heatherington
Vice President Human Resources - TIMET, Titanium Metals Corporation
Dawne Hickton (Past Chair)
President & Founding Partner – Cumberland Highstreet Partners
About Women In Titanium
The mission of the WiT committee is two-fold: To develop a networking group of collegial women presently in the titanium industry; and to promote, attract, and encourage high school and college women to enter the titanium industry.

To contribute to the growth of the overall titanium industry by providing mentoring, collegial and networking opportunities for women within the titanium industry and to take part in programs which advance gender equality in STEM fields for high school and college women.
Upcoming Events
WiT will host the Professional Development Day October 8th in conjunction with the TITANIUM USA 2017 conference where all delegates were invited to attend the day of programming including:
Mona Dine
Pacesetter Coaching & Consulting
This presentation gives people the opportunity to understand and take the appropriate actions to grow within their careers. Through practical examples and relevant tips, participants will learn several approaches they can begin to implement during the conference and beyond. Ms. Dine has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, working with business leaders at all levels in a variety of industries. Most recently she has worked with two global manufacturing companies as a talent strategist. She is a credentialed Professional Coach specializing in career and leadership development. Her experience helps her provide practical insight and operational wisdom to enable employees and organizations to achieve business goals. Additionally, Ms. Dine is certified to administer and interpret results of a range of formal assessment and feedback tools. Mona will also be offering 1:1 coaching sessions on Monday, October 9th but reservations are only accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
Mona Dine
Director, T-50 and Aviation Training Systems
Lockheed Martin Government Affairs
When a group of fighter pilots in Washington, D.C., were told a plane had struck the World Trade Center, they assumed it was an inexperienced pilot in a Cessna. But as the rest of 9/11 unfolded, the pilots realized it was their turn to act. Heather Penney was one of them, she was one of the first rookie female fighter pilots who signed up as soon as she heard the news that combat aviation was being opened to women. On the morning of September 11, she was first again, this time for a task involving a fourth hijacked plane on a course for Washington, and possibly others. Her mission: Find United Flight 93 – and destroy it however she could. But in a fighter jet absent of missiles and packed only with dummy ammunition from a recent training mission, there was only one way to do it. ‘We wouldn’t be shooting it down, we would be ramming the aircraft,’ Penney recalled, ‘I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot.' Come listen to Major Penney’s remarkable story of American patriotism, act of heroism – duty & honor.
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How to Handle Criticism Like a Pro
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 3:00 pm Eastern
Special Guest: Leila Janah, Founder and CEO of Sama and LXMI 
Whether you are building a start up, selling products in the field or presenting to a team of management by putting yourself out there you are left exposed to harsh criticism. Successful serial entrepreneur and business leader Leila Janah learned this when her LXMI team courted a major retailer to distribute their product. Instead of becoming disheartened, however, they took the outside input and shifted their approach. In this 30 minute teleclass, Leila Janah, Founder & CEO of LXMI and Sama, will share the techniques she used to remain positive in the face of adversity and ultimately achieve success. Learn how to handle criticism and use it as a tool for growth, regardless of your organization's stage of development.
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Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment: What Every Woman Should Know
Tuesday, November 14, 2017 1:00 pm Eastern
Special Guest:Laurie Itkin, CDFA – The Options Lady, Financial Advisor
During this webinar, Laurie will discuss the following issues:
1) How to determine your net worth and why it's important
2) Pay down the house, pay off credit card debt, or contribute to your retirement plan -- how to choose?
3) Understanding basic investment lingo
4) What to do if you think divorce may be on the horizon

We encourage you to send in questions in advance of the webinar so Laurie can address them in real-time. Please send questions to
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Summaries & Photos of Previous Events
Women in Titanium Reception at TITANIUM EUROPE 2017 in Amsterdam
In conjunction with the TITANIUM EUROPE conference in May, ITA’s WiT committee held a reception during the conference—part of the group’s outreach efforts to engage and mentor women in the field.
A presentation by Judith Peeters during the WiT reception titled “Diversity” stated that there are neurological and behavioural differences between men and women. “These differences lead to conscious and unconscious biases that cause big differences in salaries and opportunities. For many years diversity has been on the agenda of politics and companies. Steps have been made over the years, but we are far from a solution. A big responsibility lies with companies: creating flexibility to combine work and family life; educating decision makers on diversity; and making diversity a board responsibility.”
June brought us the Paris Air Show and WiT hosted an industry related tour of the Cefival plant in cooperation with the Calvi Network Special Pink Profiles group. WiT members were also invited to attend the Arconic Women’s Network (AWN ) Reception to hear special guest speaker Nicole Lecca Senior Vice President Material and Parts Procurement for Airbus SAS.
Diversity In the News
Women in engineering on the rise, says latest Engineering Council report

Strength built by diversity and inclusion key to NASA mission and Huntsville's success (

These 4 Atlanta Agencies United to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Their Hometown (

Opinion: 3 ways tech companies can stop paying lip service to diversity problems (

SXSW: Is Diversity in Tech Leaving American Minorities Behind? (

19 Women Leading Math and Physics: Top women in mathematics and physics discuss how they got to where they are - and why there aren't more of them (
Karina Graziani
Freelance Writer
International Titanium Association
Our Special Gift To You!
While all WiT sponsored events are offered à la carte, the best value is the annual "All Events" option that provides you with the opportunity to attend as many WiT events as you wish, all for 1 reasonably priced fee. As our way of thanking you for registering for the "All Events" option in 2017, you will receive your choice of a WiT logo polo shirt, a WiT signature scarf, or a WiT Men's Tie. Our gift to you for your valued contribution to the WiT programming. About the gifts:

About The Gifts:
WiT Logo Polo Shirts: Designed from Land's End and fit not too tight or too loose. The fabric has a hint of stretch so it's extra comfortable, excellent quality and built to last. 97% cotton/3% spandex. Machine wash. Variety of Colors offered.

WiT Signature Scarf & Men's Tie: This beautiful Tassel Scarf is 100% woven polyester with Tassel trim, 72" x 27". The image shown on the scarf and the tie is a photograph of Ti-6Al-4V, heated above the beta transus and air cooled. Then etched with ASTM #186 and photographed in polarized light with sensitive tint plate to produce the colors. The photograph was generously donated by Frauke Hogue, Hogue Metallography ( Where else could you find something so fashionable that directly relates to the titanium metal industry?
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