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Women In Titanium
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Women in Titanium News
January 2017 Edition

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Table of Contents
Message From WiT Chair

WiT Scholarship Offered to Female with Metallurgy Focus

Make Linked In Work for You Teleclass: Wed. March 8, 2017

WiT Member Highlight: Laura Zatti

WiT Is Inclusive

Join Us! Optional Continuing Education, Networking Reception and
Plant Tour of Arconic 3-D facility

Recap of Second Annual Women in Titanium Conference held
in Scottsdale, Arizona

Diversity In the News

Our Special Gift To You!

ITA Establishes Charitable Foundation Focusing on Outreach Efforts Connecting Academia, Youth & Diversity to Titanium Industry
Message From WiT Chair
Michelle M. Pharand
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Astral Air Parts LLC
Happy New Year!

The WiT Executive Committee is pleased to organize a variety of professional development & industry related events this year. I hope you will make a commitment to join us for at least one of the online or in-person activities.

WiT will strive to stay in touch with all our members through the publication of our monthly newsletter which will highlight not only WiT supported activities, but any event, mentoring project or segment related to diversity in the manufacturing sector in and outside of the titanium industry.

If you would like to bring attention to work you are doing in your local community, schools or feature any diversity related topics your organization is involved in, we would encourage you to contact the ITA so we can learn more and highlight you in the monthly distribution.

WiT serves to attract, advance and retain professional women involved or interested in STEM careers and more specifically, in the titanium industry. WiT contributes to the growth of the overall titanium industry by providing educational opportunities, professional development, mentoring programs, and leadership to professional women interested in STEM careers with an emphasis on the titanium industry.

Please feel free to route this information to anyone you believe would be interested in learning more about Women in Ti.
WiT Scholarship Offered to Female with Metallurgy Focus
WiT is pleased to announce a new academic scholarship program, administered by Scholarship America, open to both graduating high school female seniors and current female undergraduates who enroll in a full-time undergraduate program focusing on metallurgy.

The scholarship was organized and supported entirely by generous donations received.

Any female majoring in metallurgy is welcome to apply and the application will be launched on the WiT website starting in February.

Scholarship is in the amount of $5,000 recurring for up to 4 years as long as the participant retains her metallurgy major with other criteria as specified.
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Make Linked In Work for You Teleclass: Wed. March 8, 2017
In this teleconference, social media expert Amanda Healy will show LinkedIn novices and vets alike a treasure trove of tips and tricks to get LinkedIn to do the work for you. Learn how to increase your profile strength, strategically grow your network, boost your SEO value, and much more. Discover how investing less than an hour per week can pay big dividends in achieving your personal and professional aspirations. Have your LinkedIn profile open and follow along in real-time!
WiT Member Highlight:
Laura Zatti
Corporate Development Officer
Calvi Holding SpA

After Laura attended the 2nd annual WiT conference in Scottsdale, Arizona last September she left inspired to help us spread the message of our activities. Laura started her own network "Pink Profiles...A Women's Network in the Network" and she highlighted Pink's mission & goals at the Calvi Network meeting in Berlin last November. The Pink network will develop synergies among people and thus among companies; will work on educating and training female staff and will attract women to work in the metallurgical field.

Congratulations to Laura! We look forward to meeting your group in Amsterdam & Paris in 2017 during the WiT events!
WiT Is Inclusive
While the purpose of WiT is to encourage women into this field of study and industry, the group is non-discriminatory.

Registration for the 2017 events are open to anyone but there is a slightly higher fee offered to non-members of the ITA.

Need more details? Contact Jennifer Simpson at the International Titanium Association or complete the WiT interest form online at
Join Us! Optional Continuing Education, Networking Reception and Plant Tour of Arconic 3-D facility
Thursday March 23 - Friday March 24th

Workshop & Reception Location:
Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol
701 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 478-1111

Roundtrip transportation from hotel to plant tour provided

Please note: All participants must be pre-approved by Arconic - Participants considered as prospective competitors of Arconic may not have access to the tour. We appreciate your understanding & cooperation.
Karina Graziani
Freelance Writer
Recap of Second Annual Women in Titanium Conference
held in Scottsdale, Arizona
The second annual Women in Titanium conference was held on Sept. 25, 2016 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. Over 70 participants spent the day networking and learning from high-profile women about health, finances, business communication and staying safe while traveling. International Titanium Association President and Women in Titanium Chair Dawne Hickton shared her opening remarks and expectations for the growth and development of WiT. Dawne said the group hopes to establish a scholarship for high school seniors and continue to build and strengthen the mentorship program. Hickton urged members to take action, position themselves as leaders and not be afraid to ask for what they want and need from their bosses and for what they want to see from the organization. "You can make change happen if you're in a position of power," she said.

Throughout the day, attendees sat in on lively lectures and discussions. Dr. Karen Jacobson, a high-performance strategist, spoke to the group about adrenal fatigue. She stated that adrenal issues "are the most overlooked in our society. Adrenal issues are lifestyle issues." Dr. Jacobsen noted that our fast-paced lives and poor diets are destroying us and encouraged the women to take better care of themselves. She shared her true story about a car accident that kept her bed ridden for weeks and completely changed her views on the workaholic lifestyle she was living. Dr. Jacobsen has two titanium plates and numerous screws in her arm from the accident, a reminder for her to keep things in perspective. One of the shocking statistics she shared with the audience was that 66 to 85 percent of people will have at least one episode of adrenal fatigue in their lives.

Laurie Itkin, CDFA, also known as The Options Lady, spoke to the group about financial empowerment and taking charge of finances and investments early on in your life and career. Her message to the group was that no matter what happens you should be financially prepared to handle any situation on your own. Her no-nonsense approach to investment and finances enthralled the attendees, raising numerous questions at the end of her presentation. The positive feedback led WiT to schedule Itkin for a teleclass in September 2017, which will be available for all WiT members.

A networking luncheon provided the opportunity for women to mingle and meet with some of the speakers, as well as with other women in the titanium industry from around the world.

Rena Chang, a technical manager for Shaanxi Lasting Titanium Industry Co., said it was her first time at the conference. She came all the way from China with her boss and manager, and was thrilled with Women in Titanium and what the group has to offer. Chang said she is looking forward to more WiT events in the future.

Other speakers for the afternoon included Karen Williams, lead coach at Bold Echo Communication Solutions, and Laurie Latham, owner and lead instructor of PlayItSafe Defense.

Williams offered 12 lucky participants a chance for one hour of one-on-one coaching from Bold Echo Communication Solutions to help improve individual communication needs. Latham's presentation focused on staying safe while traveling, an important topic given that the majority of women attending the event had come from out of the area.

The evening concluded with a presentation by Craig Zablocki, a motivational speaker and author, on "radical leadership" for today's organizations.

Jennifer Simpson, Association Executive on behalf of International Titanium Association said "we were pleased with the attendance and in particular from the local representation of college women who joined the event this year. In the future through the International Titanium Foundation we will strive to connect more academia with industry which will include more opportunities for young women to join in these great events."
Diversity In the News
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WiT Vice Chair:
Holly Both
Vice President of Marketing
Plymouth Engineered Shapes
Our Special Gift To You!
As our Thanks to you for registering for "All Events" in 2017, you will receive your choice of a WiT logo polo shirt, a WiT signature scarf, or a WiT Men's Tie. Our gift to you for your valued contribution to the WiT programming.

Visit for more information on registration.

About The Gifts:
WiT Logo Polo Shirts: Designed from Land's End and fit not too tight or too loose. The fabric has a hint of stretch so it's extra comfortable, excellent quality and built to last. 97% cotton/3% spandex. Machine wash. Variety of Colors offered.

WiT Signature Scarf & Men's Tie: This beautiful Tassel Scarf is 100% woven polyester with Tassel trim, 72" x 27". The image shown on the scarf and the tie is a photograph of Ti-6Al-4V, heated above the beta transus and air cooled. Then etched with ASTM #186 and photographed in polarized light with sensitive tint plate to produce the colors. The photograph was generously donated by Frauke Hogue, Hogue Metallography ( Where else could you find something so fashionable that directly relates to the titanium metal industry?
ITA Establishes Charitable Foundation
Focusing on Outreach Efforts Connecting Academia,
Youth & Diversity to Titanium Industry
ITA is pleased to announce effective December 28th the International Titanium Foundation (ITF) has been established.

The charitable foundation will offer the opportunity for individuals or organizations to make tax free contributions in support of connecting youth interested in STEM related fields with the goal of becoming engaged in the titanium metal industry.

The specific purposes outlined for the International Titanium Foundation (ITF) are:

To support students worldwide who exhibit interest in learning more about the relatively young titanium industry; To support teaching and education worldwide in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ("STEM") related initiatives;

To educate youth about the significance of titanium metals and the extensive uses of titanium alloys for purposes including, but not limited to, advanced materials selection and the markets where titanium metal is used;

To provide academic scholarships and poster session opportunities to students interested in the titanium field to help them achieve their educational goals at the post-secondary level;

To promote student research and development in the titanium field and to equally promote consulting prospects on behalf of professors.

To establish programs specifically tailored to attract more diversity in STEM related careers and to the titanium industry.

To organize introductions with prospective employers in the titanium industry and assist in the organization of Co-operative Education or internship opportunities within the titanium industry.

To collaborate with other charitable organizations whose missions and purposes is comparable.

ITF has secured non-profit status, incorporated in D. C. and received IRS tax exempt approval as of December 28th.

Michelle M. Pharand, Vice President - Sales & Marketing for Astral Air Parts LLC will serve as the Chair of ITF. Robert Hill Jr., President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA will serve as Secretary. Dr. James F. Klausner, Professor, Chair of Mechanical Engineering for Michigan State University and Donald E. Larsen Vice President Technology and R&D, General Manager of Advanced Manufacturing for Arconic Manufacturing Company will also serve as ITF Board of Directors. Jennifer Simpson will serve as Executive Director.

More information on ITF programming will be announced in the coming weeks. If you would like to support the ITF with your tax free contribution, simply contact Jennifer Simpson and we would be pleased to assist you in supporting this significant effort within the titanium industry.
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